About Me

My name is Connie, aka Noktpapilio, and I create illustrations from my inner world.
I had an upbringing that left me to my own devices quite often, and despite the difficulty,
of that environment, it helped me to become feircely independent and resourceful. I grew to
notice things in my world that are often overlooked by others. I love to illustrate those
small, secret moments in life, and present them in a way that only I can. Art has always
been a difficult thing for me. I don't think it ever came naturally to me, and I didn't
begin to study seriously until my late 20's. And even then it was a long difficult year
until I made something I would consider a finished illustration. I've come a long way,
and I'm proud that I kept going.

When not drawing, or being misdiagnosed as an accountant, I love exploring science fiction
and fantasy stories, playing Morrowind, and watching movies. Originally from Los Angeles,
I have lived in central California, Seattle, and now consider Austin my home. My art asisstant
is a large black cat named Thane (Thanatos). He enjoys sunbathing, stealing hotdogs,
and destroying wrapping paper.

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